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The Key to Leadership – Consistency


Employees crave a sense of stability in their leaders and want to know what to expect from them on any given day. Playing the guessing game of whether or not it’s okay to approach leadership, or if an action is acceptable or not, is a major hindrance to the productivity and innovation required for an […]


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Have Your Staff Embrace Going the Extra Mile


Going above and beyond client or customer expectations and providing the highest quality work possible can be beneficial for company branding. It can help you retain and expand business demand. To get your team to give more than the bare minimum, you need to get them to see why it’s necessary and beneficial. Have your […]


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Dedicate Time to Your Online Brand to Find a New Job


The Internet is a goldmine of information for hiring managers evaluating candidates. A quick online search of your name can help hiring managers learn about your skills and personality and determine if you’re a good fit…or if you exhibit potential red flags that make them question your professionalism. Here are a few tips from Ethan […]


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