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The Internet is a goldmine of information for hiring managers evaluating candidates. A quick online search of your name can help hiring managers learn about your skills and personality and determine if you’re a good fit…or if you exhibit potential red flags that make them question your professionalism. Here are a few tips from Ethan Allen Workforce Solutions on building an online brand to find a new job in 2016.

Clean Up Digital Dirt

Perform a preemptive online search of your name to see what comes up. Approach the results through the viewpoint of a hiring manager and delete or hide anything that doesn’t portray you in a positive light. Common factors from online searches that cause hiring managers to question candidates include: inappropriate photographs, posts and comments of a discriminatory, illegal or confrontational manner, or even negatively discussing past or current employers.

Set Up on Top Sites

Focus on making yourself visible online in a way that reflects positively on you as a professional. Social media sites, especially LinkedIn and Twitter, are some of the most effective websites to build an online brand because they rank highly in search engine results. Optimize your social media profiles to showcase your top professional skills and personal traits. Take part in industry discussions and share worthwhile news articles to demonstrate that you’re an involved and engaged candidate.

Create a Personal Website

Escape the confines of resumes and cover letters – empower yourself as a candidate and control your online brand with a personal website. It can be set up quickly through a free website platform, or you can take it a step further and purchase a custom design and domain with your name. Use your personal website to provide a comprehensive picture of your strengths and everything you want hiring managers to know. Have a clear focus – you should be able to describe yourself (i.e. your “brand”) in two to three sentences. Then, include anything from samples of your work to blog posts to communicate your brand.

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