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Temp-to-hire is a staffing option in which employees are hired in on a trial basis, allowing employers to see how they perform in a work environment before deciding whether or not to extend an official offer of employment. It can be beneficial to you as a job seeker as well – you’ll get to evaluate how well you fit without the initial commitment and you have more time to prove yourself as a top candidate than you would with just an interview. If your end goal is a long-term position, use the following tips to become invaluable at your job:

Showcase Your Skills

Whatever task you are assigned, aim to do the best job possible. Even if it’s a basic or lower level duty, perform it to the highest standard possible. Strive to prove that you have what it takes to produce quality work, and the employer is more likely to consider you for a permanent position.

Be as Helpful as Possible

Demonstrate that you would be a valuable addition to the company if you are hired by volunteering to take on extra duties that need to be done, or by asking your manager or co-workers how you could be of assistance. This helpful attitude, combined with a quality work performance, can go a long way toward making you seem indispensable to the team.

Immerse Yourself Into the Culture

If you want to transition your temporary position into a permanent one, make the effort to fit into the company’s culture. Read any employee manuals, observe how employees interact with one another, what types of shared values are common, and then act accordingly. Introduce yourself to others and try to get to know them. Fitting into company culture signals to management that you are likely to be a successful long-term fit.

Have a Positive Attitude

An enthusiastic attitude is a very influential factor in hiring decisions, because employees who are happy to be there are more likely to be committed to the company if hired. Show up each day with a positive attitude, even during times of stress, to show the hiring manager that you appreciate the opportunity.

Make Your Intentions Known

To take full advantage of your temp-to-hire position and land a permanent job, level with the hiring manager. Tell them you enjoy working there and are interested in being hired on for a permanent position, then ask what they would need you to do to make it happen. Open communication ensures you have realistic expectations and that your manager knows you really want to be there.

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