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Going above and beyond client or customer expectations and providing the highest quality work possible can be beneficial for company branding. It can help you retain and expand business demand. To get your team to give more than the bare minimum, you need to get them to see why it’s necessary and beneficial. Have your staff embrace going the extra mile with these tips.


Be direct with your team when talking to them about the importance of going the extra mile. Clearly explain what constitutes exceptional customer service (i.e. what going the extra mile truly means) and how beneficial it is to everyone involved and provide examples. Being able to exhibit a story where an employee helped a customer or client and that resulted in more future business for the company can really make an impact. This sets the tone by establishing your expectations and giving your employees specific information to go on, as opposed to being passive and asserting vague workplace clichés that leave room for miscommunication.


For employees to embrace putting forth maximum effort, they need to feel a sense of ownership. Give them the freedom to use their own judgment, within reason, with customer service issues. Allow them to come up with their own ideas and solutions and be responsible for implementing them and seeing them through to completion. Feeling accountable to themselves, rather than doing something because management ordered them to, is likely to increase their internal motivation.


The goodwill your employees feel after going above and beyond to provide top-notch customer service can quickly fade if they don’t feel appreciated for their contributions from leadership. It can be disheartening and hinder motivation if it seems like their bosses don’t notice the extra effort. Express your gratitude with a quick thank you, offer compliments, and provide public recognition to reinforce the benefits of going the extra mile. When you preach one thing and then reinforce it to the entire company, it will lead to more buy-in from all employees.


Reward the employees that embrace the notion of performing to the highest standards, rather than just satisfactory. Provide them more opportunities to develop professionally through new or interesting tasks, taking on a project on their own, or being at the top of the consideration list for promotions. Once employees see that going the extra mile doesn’t just benefit customers, but helps them grow professionally, they’ll make it a high priority.

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