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Employees crave a sense of stability in their leaders and want to know what to expect from them on any given day. Playing the guessing game of whether or not it’s okay to approach leadership, or if an action is acceptable or not, is a major hindrance to the productivity and innovation required for an organization to prosper. As a leader, you’re only human and may experience ups and downs, but it’s essential for your reputation to strive to project a consistent image for the advantages it provides.

Establishes a Baseline

To accurately measure success, you need a basis for comparison. If you’re inconsistent with your interactions with employees, you won’t be able to ascertain what management styles are most effective for encouraging high performers and improving those who are not meeting standards. Strive to utilize a management style that’s effective for each type of employee. Some employees need more encouragement while others can handle (and actually thrive on) criticism. If your management standards are the same, the way you communicate directly with employees doesn’t have to be exactly the same.

Sets Expectations

A lack of clear guidance can cause confusion amongst your employees as to what you want out of them. If similar actions receive different reactions from you as a leader, employees won’t know what they should be doing. This sets up your workplace for frustrating miscommunications in which employees aren’t confident in their performances and where they stand. Clearly outline your performance expectations, how success is measured and the consequences of not abiding by them so everyone is on the same page.

Fosters Trust

Managers who find themselves prone to being visibly affected by external or internal circumstances can find it difficult to have their employees fully trust them as a leader. Employees want a leader who is calm and self-disciplined, and may question the judgment of one who has different demeanors depending on the situation. It can also be distracting for employees to have to determine if they feel comfortable coming to you or if it’s a “bad day,” which wastes valuable time and productivity.

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