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Many professionals don’t touch their resumes until they are ready to job search. However, even if you’re happily employed, keeping your resume updated can be beneficial for promotion opportunities or negotiating a raise – plus, you’ll have the peace of mind that you won’t have to start from scratch in the event of a sudden need to job search. If you experience any of these common career events, it’s a signal that it’s time to update your resume.


Whenever you are recognized in a professional capacity, such as winning an award, pull up your resume and edit it as soon as possible. Listing your achievements is a way to promote your skills and establish that you’re respected in your role. This is not the time to be shy. There’s a difference between promoting yourself and bragging. Find that balance and share your achievements!


Whether you take on a new title, report to someone higher in the hierarchy, or are given some new responsibilities, that warrants a resume update. Upward mobility within the same organization shows that you’re a valued member of the team and have earned their trust and respect – definitely worth noting on your resume.

Major Projects

When you detail your work history on your resume, you want to show the results of your work duties and how they impacted the company, rather than just listing them. Whenever you take on a project in which you have accountability for the outcome, remind yourself to find a way to include it on your resume before you forget and the details start to slip your mind.

New Certifications

A top priority after earning new credentials should be to update your resume to make note of it. Any type of certification you earn serves as confirmation of your knowledge base, as well as demonstrating that you’re proactive and engaged enough in your work to pursue professional development opportunities.

New Affiliations

Any roles you take on outside of your current employer are still appropriate for your resume if they support your professional skills – particularly soft skills, such as communication, leadership, or time management. From volunteer work to becoming involved with an industry organization, any new affiliations you take on should trigger a resume update because it shows how well-rounded you are.

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