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7 Reasons Why You Should Work with a Recruiter


  You’ve made an important life decision: it’s time to look for a new job. There is excitement as you imagine all the possibilities that await, but before you get too lost in that dream, it hits you: you don’t know where to start. Fear begins to eclipse your motivation. Wouldn’t it be nice to […]


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5 Elements to Include in Your First Resume


  Ready to start your career? You might be about to complete a degree, or you may be attempting to find a job during your collegiate years to help add more experience, but how do you translate all those efforts onto a resume? Making inroads to your desired career is both exciting and a tad […]


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4 Ways to Improve Efficiency at Work in 2021


  In a survey by the Boston Consulting Group of more than 12,000 professionals employed before and during the pandemic, 75 percent of respondents reported that they had maintained or even improved their productivity at work. These results and other have shown that, if increased work productivity is possible during a global pandemic, new ways […]


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5 Steps for Making an Epic Impression During a Video Job Interview


    From hangouts with friends, day-to-day work, and now interviews, safe social distancing has made our world more virtual than ever before. When it comes to hiring, businesses are getting creative to ensure they can still connect job seekers with great opportunities. This includes integrating video interviews into their hiring practices. If you’re a […]


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The Automation Revolution and the Skills You Need to Stay Ahead


  What comes to your mind when you think of the industrial revolution? You likely imagine factories, smokestacks, and laborers circa 1800s New York. But did you know right now we’re right in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution? This industrial revolution has striking differences to the three before it. While the other revolutions […]


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4 Common Misconceptions About Working with a Recruiter


Having stumbled upon this blog, you’re likely in the market for a new job. If you’ve already dug through job boards, subscribed to job alerts, searched through your LinkedIn connections, and still aren’t having any luck – stay strong! Your ideal position is likely right around the corner. With countless automated job search tools online, […]


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