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Your Company’s Online Reputation Will Affect Hiring


Online searches serve as an informal screening process for hiring managers seeking to gain additional information on candidates, but the same holds true for candidates: They are very likely checking out your company online and using that information to help them make a decision about working for you. 69 percent of job seekers reported they […]


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Dedicate Time to Your Online Brand to Find a New Job


The Internet is a goldmine of information for hiring managers evaluating candidates. A quick online search of your name can help hiring managers learn about your skills and personality and determine if you’re a good fit…or if you exhibit potential red flags that make them question your professionalism. Here are a few tips from Ethan […]


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Make Your Team Feel Appreciated to Get Better Production


The key to employee motivation and increased productivity is often simple, inexpensive and yet commonly overlooked: appreciation. Employees who feel appreciated by their employers are more engaged and personally driven to perform for the company. Unfortunately, just 22 percent of U.S. workers reported being engaged in the workplace, according to Gallup’s 2013 State of the […]


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