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In terms of job satisfaction, who you work for is just as influential as the specific duties you perform. When you’re job searching, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a job that sounds like exactly what you want to do right now. Then you neglect to objectively evaluate it to ensure it’s the best move for you professionally. Be on the lookout for these factors to help you find a great employer in your job search.

Skills Development

A major sign an employer is worth committing to is the opportunities they offer their employees to become more knowledgeable. Skills development that great employers provide and pay for may include training, seminars, conferences, networking events and continuing education courses. Working for an employer that encourages skills development ensures you are making the most of your position by preparing you for the next steps in your career – as opposed to a “dead-end” job.

Company Culture

Everyone has differing factors they value in a work environment. No matter how respected, innovative or well-paying an employer is, it very likely won’t be the right place for you if your personal attitudes and preferences clash with their company culture. Narrow down the top traits that are important to you in a work environment and ensure the employer’s culture aligns with them. For instance, if you thrive on competition, you may find yourself disengaged in a more collaborative culture.


Mentorship programs connect more experienced professionals with those in the earlier stages of their careers. This can facilitate a relationship of coaching or informal sharing of advice to help in their career progression. Even if participating in a mentorship program hasn’t crossed your mind or doesn’t necessarily appeal to you, it is a major indicator that an employer values its employees’ needs and aspirations, even if the employer isn’t necessarily getting anything out of it.

Advancement Opportunities

If you have goals of growing professionally and eventually moving into a role with more seniority, it’s crucial to evaluate potential employers on their advancement opportunities. A company that rarely promotes from within and opts for external candidates to fill higher-level positions may leave you disheartened. Your hard work won’t pay off or and you could feel unappreciated.

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