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Online searches serve as an informal screening process for hiring managers seeking to gain additional information on candidates, but the same holds true for candidates: They are very likely checking out your company online and using that information to help them make a decision about working for you. 69 percent of job seekers reported they would not want to work for a company with a bad reputation, according to Corporate Responsibility Magazine. Learn how your company’s online reputation will affect hiring and how you can proactively manage it:

Search Results Visibility

The sites where people are likely to post reviews about your company also tend to be sites that rank high in online search results. This means that if a candidate enters your company’s name into a search engine, your official website could be surrounded by posts about your company, which depending on their nature, could help or hurt the chances of them wanting to work for you.

Company Culture

Your company’s online reputation serves as a key indicator of your company’s culture. If online mentions of your company discuss in positive terms how you treat your workers, what the environment is like, and what perks you offer, it could entice top talent.

Quality of Candidate Pool

In-demand candidates will likely have multiple options, and generally won’t consider a company they read bad things about online. This can leave you with a lower quality of candidates applying who may not have other options because of a lack of skills, prior poor work performance, or who simply don’t fit the job.

Higher Salary Demands

If you end up with quality candidates applying, despite concerns about your online reputation, they may be able to use it as leverage against your company in the job offer process. This could result in you having to field higher salary demands or other perks from candidates who know they have the upper hand.

Improving Your Company’s Online Reputation

Hope isn’t lost because of a negative online reputation. Take control of your search results listings – maintain an active presence on top-rated websites. Create official company social media profiles, post press releases through wire services, and upload content regularly to your website. Soon enough, the negative results will be diluted.

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