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Are you a recent graduate looking to start your career and searching for the right opportunities? Are you a job seeker trying to rejoin the workforce post-pandemic or a mid-career professional looking to make a career change?

Earlier this year, we surveyed job seekers in the Hudson Valley to discover what matters most to candidates when considering new employment opportunities. We also asked about their experience searching for and applying to jobs. Our results showed that many survey participants were unsatisfied with the job search process:

  • 55% reported that they were rarely or less than half of the time presented with positions that were relevant to them.
  • 60% said they heard back from jobs they applied to rarely or less than half of the time.
  • The most frustrating part of the job search process was not receiving updates on their application status (34%) and lengthy, repetitive applications (27%).


One solution to these job search challenges is considering temporary employment opportunities instead of full-time, direct hire roles. In fact, temporary work can help your career in lots of ways. We’re reviewing the top benefits of temporary employment and how you can find a temp job that works for you.

Test out different work environments

Is there a job you’ve always wanted to try or a company you’ve wanted to work for? With temporary work, you can explore different industries and roles to find out what you like best. No matter where you are in your career, just starting out or a seasoned professional, temp jobs allow you to test out what different careers are really like. And if you’re looking to make a career change, temporary work can be a great way to break into a new field or industry.

You also get to experience different workplace cultures and office settings with temporary work. It’s no secret the pandemic has changed how many offices and companies operate, so testing out different work environments in temporary roles can help you find what setting is best for you. Additionally, you can discover what it’s really like to work at that company you’ve always been interested in, and potentially get your foot in the door for future permanent positions.

Learn new skills and build experience

When we reviewed the results of our candidate survey, it was clear that factors beyond compensation were also important when considering a job. For some job seekers, flexible work arrangements were a top factor, especially post-pandemic. Others looked for growth opportunities within the organization, while some candidates cared more about the projects and assignments they would work on in the role. For each of these groups, temporary employment can offer these opportunities on the job.

In a temporary role, workers can learn about day-to-day operations and build the skills they need to land their dream job. For new grads and job seekers changing careers, temp work allows them to learn the field and what skills and experience are most important. And for those looking to move up in their current industry, temporary employment can help candidates keep their knowledge up-to-date while learning new technologies or skills that will create the opportunities for growth they’re seeking.

Build a network

You’ve probably heard the classic adage, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” In today’s changing job market and with the impacts of Covid-19 still looming, networking has never been more important to job search success. But how do you build up a network that can help you find the long-term career opportunities you’re looking for, especially if you’re a job seeker moving to a new industry? This is another area where temporary employment can benefit your career.

Research has long shown that more than half of jobs are filled through networking and professional relationships. Through temporary roles, candidates can grow a professional network quickly and connect with people who can help during their job search. Temp work can also help candidates gain job references who can support their application for permanent positions later on. Finally, for those job seekers who don’t feel comfortable at networking or industry events, temporary work assignments can be an easier, less stressful way to build up their professional network.

Temp jobs aren’t always temporary

One of the biggest benefits of temporary work is the opportunity for temp positions to turn into permanent, full-time jobs. Some companies prefer to hire temp employees for the initial flexibility, allowing them to scale up their workforce while also getting to know the temporary worker. This arrangement allows both the company and candidate to determine if the job is a good fit. If it’s not, both parties can go their separate ways at the end of the contract period. If, however, the job aligns with what the candidate is seeking and the temp employee is a good fit for the company, extending the position from temporary to a temp-to-hire is an easy adjustment.

Ultimately, temporary employment can help bridge the gap between jobs for candidates and allow them to gain important skills that make them a great choice for long-term employment. That’s what we call a win-win for everyone.

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