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Are you thinking about calling it quits on your administrative job? We get it. There’s a lot of pressure keeping operations running smoothly behind the scenes. Is it time for a new administrative role at a different company?

Perhaps, or perhaps not. If you can give yourself a chance to slow down (and maybe make a strong cup of coffee or tea), take inventory of your reality. Soon enough, you’ll begin to see whether it’s time to stay or embark on a new adventure.

When To Stay

Even if a bad day has made you feel an anxious twinge in your gut, there are times when staying is to your career advantage. Before you jump ship, consider asking yourself a few questions.

Length of Employment

How long have you been in your current position? If you’ve been working at your current job for less than a year and lack other professional experiences, staying put might be your best option. And, without solid or tangible reasons for leaving, employers may be hesitant to hire you in the future. That said, there are certainly justifications for leaving early.

What’s legitimate then? Asking yourself some compare-and-contrast questions about your struggles can help you pinpoint why you are struggling with your job.

  • Is the schedule too demanding or are you still adjusting to new hours? If you’re used to a college schedule or an overnight shift, adjusting to a 9-5 office job will take some time! Remember to give yourself a little grace to adjust to a new working pace.
  • Do you lack clarity in your role or is the learning curve simply hard? Attempting new tasks takes time. One Harvard Business Review article states it takes at least six months or more to develop a new skill. Answering the many phone calls that come in or uploading documents into a new or novel software system can be hard at first but give it some time. You may surprise yourself with how well you excel in the coming months.
  • Does the company have an inviting culture or an isolating environment? The people you work with each and every day make a difference, so this is definitely a question to ponder.
  • Are the wages and benefits enough for your needs? Life is constantly changing. The salary that was sufficient before may not be so now, and that’s a valid concern.

Thinking through questions like these can offer some needed perspective about why you’ve been struggling with your current job.

The Possibility of a Promotion

If you’ve been working at your job for the last five to ten years, you’ve likely built some lasting relationships and earned the respect of your superiors. If that’s the case, you may have grounds for a promotion.

For example, if you’ve been an administrative specialist for a small team for a number of years but would love to become the executive assistant to the VP of the company, does your manager know? While a year-end review can be a fitting time for this conversation, waiting isn’t necessary. In fact, showing strong initiative to take on more responsibility will speak volumes to your supervisor.

They may not be able to give you a promotion tomorrow, but if they can construct a career path for you, sticking around could be your smartest move. And if they give a less than satisfactory answer, it may be time to come up with plan B.

When To Leave

Certain jobs may not always provide the level of flexibility and career growth you’d like. Especially after thinking through what you want out of your role, the likelihood of needing to begin a job search may become more and more evident. Here are a few signs that may seal the deal for your next steps.

Lack of Growth

When the Pew Research Center conducted a study of workers who quit their job, 63% of respondents said they left because there were no opportunities for advancement. And a LinkedIn Learning report discovered that employees who feel their skills are not being put to good use are 10 times more likely to look for a new job versus those who feel their skills are growing and expanding.

It doesn’t matter if your career is in administrative work or you’re an engineer for NASA, staying in the same position for multiple years without ample growth could restrict your potential. No one wants to feel trapped in their job. If you feel cornered with no hope of progress, it’s time for a change.

Feelings of Burnout

Feelings of burnout naturally increase when employees don’t love their job or feel overwhelmed with to-do lists. The Aflac WorkForces Report found that 59% of American workers had moderate levels of burnout in their jobs.

This struggle can masquerade in different forms, from task overload to boredom to isolation; each one brings a level of unsettledness to daily life. These imbalances, especially over time, cause weariness and discouragement. If you find yourself dreading work or counting the minutes till the day is over, it may be time to look for a role that promotes a healthier work-life balance.

Misaligned Work Culture

Positive work culture is essential for job satisfaction and, more specifically, it needs to align with your own personal values. And not every management style is going to fit your personality.

You may believe a job is performed better with more autonomy given. You enjoy finding your own way to log notes from meetings and have a specific color-coding method you employ to keep your calendar organized. However, your superiors may be more of a micromanager and squash your creative ideas. And that’s just one small example. Day after day, that kind of atmosphere is defeating.

Finding an administrative job where culture aligns with your ideals and values, along with the talents you bring to the table, can make all the difference in how you feel about your job. And that’s a career worth searching for.

Making A Decision

The final decision is up to you. Being torn to stay or led to leave your current admin job can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. By using some of the tips and questions mentioned, the muddy waters will become clear once again. Your life and career are worth the investment – take the time to find the job that’s best for you.

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