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When searching for a job, what matters most to job seekers in the Hudson Valley? That’s the question Ethan Allen set out to answer with our 2021 candidate survey. To find out what job seekers had to say, we reached out to our network, surveying professionals across a broad range of industries in the Hudson Valley to learn about their employment situation and job search experiences. Some of the questions our survey included were:

  • What job search sites do you prefer to use? How many job boards do you typically search?
  • What type of job search resources would you find helpful?
  • What do you find most frustrating about the job search process?
  • Have your job/career plans changed due to Covid-19? If so, how?


In the end, we were overwhelmed by the response, receiving more than 400 completed surveys! The results provided important insights into the job search process for candidates, the impact of Covid-19 on many job seekers, and the changes and trends impacting job searches in 2021. Discover more details in the infographic below!

Ready to start your job search? Check out our open positions or submit an application! Looking for job search resources? Check out the articles below.


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