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As you progress in your career, the hiring process is likely to get more in-depth. Higher-level positions have more of an impact on the company’s overall performance, so hiring managers will often want you to go beyond a verbal interview and have you demonstrate what you can bring to the company through an interview presentation. Learn how to make your job interview homework help you stand out and improve your chances of getting the job.

Gather Information

Research everything you can about the company before you even start to develop an interview presentation. No matter how well-spoken you are or how dynamic your visual aids, the interviewers won’t be impressed with a generic marketing presentation that doesn’t address their unique mission, challenges and goals. During the interview, it’s natural to be nervous. The more preparation prior to the interview, the easier it will be to recall information about the potential employer since you’ve been studying it for an extended period of time.

Strategic Structure

Keep your presentation structured so your audience can easily understand the message you’re conveying. Create a brief introduction to get them hooked (telling a story works wonders), some concise main points and a takeaway conclusion that summarizes your main points and ties them together with the skills and traits that you would bring if hired.

Keep it Focused

To keep your audience engaged with your presentation, divide it into easy to understand chunks of information, such as bullet points or numbered lists. Narrow down the most key points you want to communicate and limit yourself to only including information that supports them. It can be easy to start rambling and losing the focus of your presentation. Stay on point and engage the audience.

Make it Compelling

While the backbone of your presentation should be the points you’re discussing, you can really make the interviewers take notice and remember it after the interview is over if you add attention-grabbing elements. Use visual aids, such as charts or graphics. Try to format the elements into a descriptive narrative, where you raise a question and then guide your audience through real-life examples of how you would solve it.


Your body language and demeanor during the presentation can either distract from or enhance the information you’re communicating. Make a positive memorable impression and feel confident while delivering your presentation by practicing it multiple times beforehand. You can catch yourself if you’re making nervous gestures or other mistakes, and work on correcting them. You’ll feel at ease and able to focus on making a connection and showing your skills, as opposed to worrying about how you’re coming across.

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