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At Ethan Allen, we’ve got a team of industry experts supporting your businesses with all your HR needs. But who exactly are these experts? Our employee spotlights peel back the curtain to introduce you to the distinguished professionals behind our services. Their hard work ensures Hudson Valley businesses can provide quality benefits to employees on a consistent basis. So, here’s a little inside scoop on one of the leaders on our team.


Tell us about what you do at Ethan Allen and how long you’ve been on the team.

I oversee our Client Services Department, as well as Safety & Risk Management for Ethan Allen HR Services and Ethan Allen Workforce Solutions. I joined in early 2018.


What kind of background and or expertise do you bring to the team?

Prior to joining Ethan Allen, I spent 10 years working in the international shipping business. I started on the ground level and worked up to a leadership role in Quality, Health & Safety for the Americas Region. I’ve worked through extremely demanding projects and problems and partnered with people of many different cultures and backgrounds to deliver our best service. I have a bachelor’s in business which has also been invaluable to my career.


What do you find most interesting about working with the Ethan Allen team?

I am always intrigued and inspired when I see how smart my coworkers are. It is rare for us to encounter a problem that we can’t all sit down and solve together. This is a hard-working and dedicated group of individuals!


How does Ethan Allen support your career and personal goals?

Ethan Allen leadership and principals are involved in every facet of the day-to-day business. This kind of support from the top is highly motivating and proves our leaders are as invested in our achievements as we are. The success of each individual in the company is celebrated.


What’s the #1 quality you feel is important to achieving success in the PEO industry?

Understanding clients’ needs – this requires listening to them and being available without delay to answer questions and provide solutions.


If you could give one piece of advice to a client, what would it be?

“Don’t hesitate to ask!” We are here to help you make your business run as efficiently as possible.


What’s the best career advice anyone has ever given you?

Early in my career, I walked into my boss’s office and laid out a “big problem” that I felt we were facing. Without hesitation, he responded that I needed to go back to my desk and return when I had a proposal for a solution. At that moment I realized I can’t always rely on others to have every answer. You don’t get ahead by standing by while someone else puts out fires.


What’s your favorite thing to do in Poughkeepsie?

In and around Poughkeepsie, I love to explore new places with my wife and kids. One of my favorite things is photography, so if I can incorporate my family and my favorite place (the Hudson Valley), then it’s a win-win!


Do you have a unique skill or “stupid human trick”?

I can recite the names of all 46 U.S. Presidents in one breath!


What do you enjoy doing outside work hours (what helps to de-stress and enjoy life)?

I enjoy neighborhood walks at night with my dog and my kids! Additionally, I love spending time outdoors by our pool in the warmer months, DIY projects at home, and hosting family and friends!


Do you have a favorite holiday memory or tradition that you love/think people should do more of?

I have a young family, and we are still establishing our traditions. However, my wife and I are very excited to visit the Dutchess County Fairgrounds again this year to drive through “The Wonderland of Lights” followed by dinner at the Eveready Diner in Hyde Park. Our girls love every minute of the holiday season!


Anything else you would like to share about yourself?

I love my job! I know how rare that is, but I feel like I hit the jackpot when my career path brought me to Ethan Allen. I hope that our clients can recognize that with the energy and support I try to deliver every day.


We are so grateful for the contributions Terrence brings to our business every day, and we can’t wait to share more employee spotlights with you in the future!


Are you looking for support with your company’s HR services? Seeking staff for your organization?  Terrence and the Ethan Allen team are ready to help. Contact Ethan Allen Workforce Solutions or PEO services to get the support you need today!


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