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The job market is white hot. The abundance of opportunities and lack of qualified candidates has put immense pressure on Hudson Valley employers over the past couple of years. Keeping a pulse on candidate feedback can be challenging. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear from current professionals in the Hudson Valley area? We thought so too!  

We sent out an annual candidate survey to job seekers in our database, and we received almost 500 completed surveys. This is fantastic news for several reasons: 

  • You see consistent trends with job boards  
  • You gain feedback on current and increasing candidate struggles  
  • You hear thoughts from employees in the Hudson Valley  

Some of the data may confirm ideas you already knew from your expertise, but these stats can provide further corroboration of areas you can enhance your candidate journey and improve retention strategies. Here’s what we found.  

Download the 2023 Employer Insights Infographic.


Top Job Search Trends final (client)

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