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Searching for a job can be frustrating, whether you’re unemployed or passively looking. There are so many variables outside of a job searcher’s control that can make it seem like success is always going to be out of reach. If you allow your mindset to change from motivated to defeated, you’re more likely to give up and accept your current situation, instead of fighting for your goals. Check out these common job search excuses and how to overcome them.

1. Job Searching is Hard

There is a great deal of truth to this excuse – job searching does require a significant amount of work. However, it doesn’t have to be an “all or nothing” situation, where you have to put forth maximum effort at all times. In fact, this will likely lead to burnout. Instead, create a job search routine that consists of smaller steps that you incorporate on a regular basis. A consistent approach feels like less work, but gets better results than overexerting yourself and giving up, then starting all over again.

2. New Manager/Leadership Will Make It Better

If you’re interested in looking for new opportunities because your current job is lacking somehow, you may think that if you stick it out long enough, a new manager or company leader will change things for the better. This excuse puts all of the responsibility for your personal career growth on an external source, instead of where it belongs: On you. Empower yourself to make things happen, instead of reacting to the possible future behaviors of others that may or may not work out in your favor.

3. A Recruiter Will Find Me

It’s certainly a job search best practice to make yourself visible to recruiters, such as through an optimized LinkedIn profile. However, the most in-demand jobs may not make it to the point where recruiters even need to actively seek out candidates – they’ll be filled through personal referrals or by being briefly advertised. You could miss out on learning about job opportunities you desire if you’re not actively networking or searching job listings.

4. My New Job Could Be Worse

It’s common for job seekers who are in unsatisfying or even toxic work environments to be scared to take the plunge into the unknown and try to get a new job – at least you know what you’re dealing with and likely have built up a comfort zone. Remind yourself that the hiring process allows you to evaluate the company to determine if it’s the right fit, just like the manager is evaluating you. Ask questions so you get a sense of the opportunity, and feel free to turn down an offer if you spot red flags.

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