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Mapping out your career with 5, 10, or 20-year goals may seem like the ideal way to keep yourself on track professionally; however, having static objectives may not be the most effective way to conquer a dynamic, ever-changing job market. Since you don’t know what the future holds (perhaps your 20-year “dream job” won’t even exist by then), consider changing your focus to making yourself adaptable by concentrating on these factors.


Specific job titles aren’t what you should build your professional efforts around because they really are just a way to describe a compilation of desired skills. Rather than making a career plan based upon what job titles you want to eventually earn, concentrate on looking deeper into honing the skills that will make you desirable to employers and qualified for advancement. For inspiration, look at the job descriptions for the types of jobs you aspire to, and prioritize developing those in-demand skills.


The downside to traditional “5, 10, 20-year” career plans is they often rely on the notion that the job market and industry outlook will remain predictable, which is seldom true. There are many unfortunate stories of professionals whose career plans were tied to a particular job or industry that became obsolete. A rigid career plan can distract from, or cause you to turn down, great opportunities that could help you grow professionally because they don’t “fit” in the plan’s confines. Keep your focus on finding or creating opportunities that align with your skills and desires, and less on if they veer off a career path you set for yourself.


One of the greatest professional achievements to strive for is the ability to maintain a proactive, adaptable mindset that strikes a balance between short and long-term objectives. Stay up-to-date on job market trends so you have clear, knowledgeable expectations for your future. Approach every task, job, or piece of feedback you hear with the mindset of how it could benefit you professionally and make you a stronger candidate for whatever future jobs you come across. This will prepare you to remain ambitious and confident to tackle whatever curveballs are thrown at you along the way.

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