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At Ethan Allen Workforce Solutions, we believe everyone can bring their dreams to life– but sometimes, we all need a little support in the journey.

This spring, we awarded a $5,000 scholarship for the 2022-2023 school year to a local Hudson Valley high school student with a bright mind and a big dream. To receive this award, the individual had to show evidence of an unstoppable work ethic towards his or her goals.

We are so glad to announce this year’s winner is Solei’ Mirvil, and we think you’ll agree she has tremendous dreams worth supporting. She recently finished an internship and here’s what she gleaned from it all.

An Interview with Solei’

What did you enjoy most about your internship?

I enjoyed being able to have one-on-one, in-person interactions with judges, prosecutors, and attorneys who have first-hand experience and amazing knowledge of their field. They were willing share insight with me at any moment.

Anything you’ve learned in your internship that might help the next generation coming up?

I learned there is no specific route to get to where you belong. Everyone I’ve worked with had their own journey of navigating universities, law school, and the legal world. No one had a clear-cut path to obtain their current positions.

For the next generation, I’d say keep exploring your interest. If you have an opportunity (like an internship), take it. Fully engage in your interests and find people who are in the position you want to be in someday. And ask them every question that you have regarding their current position.

What drew you to political science and pre-law?

I grew up in an area where I was the minority, which led me to question several aspects of the systems we abide by, especially from how people treated me. Those questions drew me into government, politics, or anything along those lines. Since I love to read, I educated myself on the systems and how they work. This in turn set me down the path of law. My history and government classes and even my elective classes and clubs solidified my interest in political sciences and law.

Outside of school and your internship, what do you enjoy doing with your time?

Outside of school and internships, I engage in various activities. I enjoy reading, painting, and drawing. I love to go to museums and spend time with my friends and family whenever I can. And from going to new restaurants to finding new local activities, I am always up for an adventure. But the main activity I love is cheerleading. I‘ve been in cheer for 11 years and love all aspects of the sport.

How will the scholarship support you?

This scholarship will help me with my tuition and basic necessities during my first year. I come from a low-income household, so my college tuition is more than I can afford. The scholarship is truly a blessing that will relieve a little of the financial weight that I will be facing for my education.

How has your passion for the world of law impacted your life so far?

My passion for law has opened more doors for me than I’ve ever expected. Not only has law shown me so much more about the world, but the field has introduced me to outstanding individuals, connecting me to many friendships with people who are taking the same path to push for improvements in our systems.

What is your ideal job? And what do you hope to gain from pursuing this career?

As of right now, my dream job is to become a judge. I hope to gain more knowledge on our legal and judicial system to create a lasting impact that helps individuals receive true justice.

Why is it important for companies like Ethan Allen to invest in future Hudson Valley professionals and education?

It’s important for companies like Ethan Allen to invest in Hudson Valley professionals and education because, although this county is growing, we are still on the smaller scale. We don’t have access to as many resources needed to grow in our professions. It’s always a blessing to know there are accessible and beneficial opportunities to help the individuals in our community reach their long-term life goals.

With her perspective and drive, Ethan Allen is proud to support Solei’ at the start of her collegiate education. We are confident the best is still ahead of her and can’t wait to see the lasting, positive difference she will make in our legal system in the coming years.


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