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At Ethan Allen Workforce Solutions, we’ve got a team of industry experts and experienced staffing professionals connecting businesses with exceptional local talent. Our employee spotlights peel back the curtain to introduce you to the stars behind our services. Their hard work ensures Hudson Valley businesses and job seekers get timely and quality results. Here’s a little inside scoop on Kori Tompkins, a true leader on our team!



Tell us about what you do at Ethan Allen.

I am the Senior Industrial Staffing Specialist for Ulster County.


What kind of background and or expertise do you bring to the team?

I worked at my grandparent’s farm for a little over twelve years. After graduating with my associate degree, I worked two receptionist jobs at a local salon and a retail shop. My customer service experience has directly translated into maintaining timely communication with applicants, along with conducting interviews and fulfilling employment orders for clients. I always strive to support my team with friendliness, determination, and a strong work ethic.



What do you find most interesting about working with the Ethan Allen team?

You never know what today will bring – every day is filled with new opportunities!


How does Ethan Allen support your career and personal goals?

I applied to Ethan Allen a little over five years ago seeking a new opportunity, and they offered me an internal position. I started out as a personnel assistant and worked my way up to where I am now. Ethan Allen has been there every step of the way. I am so grateful for their mentorship and belief in me.


What’s the #1 quality you feel is important to achieving success in the staffing industry?

Dedication is crucial to success because, no matter how difficult the job or task, you find a reason to keep on keeping on, leading to pathways for success. I am dedicated to our clients and sourcing the best qualified applicants for their needs. And I am committed to our applicants, assisting them in finding their perfect opportunity.


What’s the biggest benefit to partnering with a staffing firm in a job search?

The job hunt is a full-time gig! Working with a staffing firm is a clear win for most candidates because we offer insight and support throughout their entire search. We have access to jobs not posted on job boards, are in direct contact with hiring managers, and have a better chance of getting their resume in front of the right person – and fast!


If you could give one piece of advice to a candidate, what would it be?

Just be you! Remain patient, trust your gut, and work hard.


What’s your favorite thing to do in Poughkeepsie?

I enjoy spending time at the Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park.


Do you have a unique skill or “stupid human trick”?

Hmm, I would say my unique skill would be that I can identify a song within the first few seconds of it playing!


What do you enjoy doing outside work hours (what helps you destress/enjoy life)?

I enjoy spending time with my family, going on walks/hikes with my husband and dog, attending concerts, and exploring new places in the Hudson Valley.


What else do you want to share about yourself?

I am a huge fan of Carrie Underwood and have followed her journey since American Idol.  I have been to three concerts so far!


From her joy of country music to her care for her candidates, Kori is a joy to work with and is an instrumental part of our team. We are sure this quick snapshot gives you a picture of why she’s such a great addition to our staff. Her outstanding work ethic and commitment to help those around her is contagious.


Are you looking for your next job opportunity? Kori and the Ethan Allen team are ready to help. Contact Ethan Allen today to get started!


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