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Writing a thank-you note after an interview has become a commonly utilized best practice for candidates, so it is no longer enough to make you stand out just by sending one at all. However, a high-quality thank-you note can put you in a league of your own, compared to many candidates who opt for an obligatory, generic version. Use these tips to write a great thank-you note that will make hiring managers take notice:

Be Timely

A great thank-you note is rendered ineffective if you send it too late, and the hiring manager’s memory of you has started to fade (or worse, they’ve already made a decision!) Send it from within a few hours of the interview (any sooner and it may appear you had a generic one on standby) to 48 hours after.

Demonstrate Your Interest

Don’t just thank the hiring manager for meeting with you and end there. A main purpose of a thank-you note is to show that you’re still interested in, and enthusiastic about, the job after learning more about it during the interview. Include a brief (one-to-two line) explanation about your continued interest and why and how you’re looking forward to hearing back with the decision.

Personalize the Content

The difference between a substandard thank-you note and a great one is whether or not it’s tailored to the recipient. Address it directly to the person with whom you interviewed, and add details that were specific to your interview conversation. This helps the hiring manager place your name to a face to recall you more clearly during the decision-making process.

Continue the Conversation

A great thank-you note fills in the gaps of anything that was left unsaid during the interview that would be relevant to the hiring manager’s decision. If there are qualifications that you didn’t quite get across or want to reiterate, do so in a concise manner within the thank-you note to provide a more comprehensive view of yourself as a candidate.

Show Your Soft Skills

Experience and technical qualifications don’t tend to be the major deciding factor in hiring decisions – it’s often a matter of overall fit into that particular workplace. Use your thank-you note to convey your key personality traits that would make you an asset. Use your “voice,” demonstrate your way with the written word, etc. Make your thank-you note a reflection of who you are to make the hiring manager be able to clearly imagine working with you.

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