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Millennials (those born roughly between 1981 and 1997) are not only the largest living generation, but they also comprise the largest job demographic: more than one out of every three workers in the US is a Millennial. Their growing presence in the workplace means that their motivations must be taken into consideration if you want to cultivate this group into highly engaged employees:

Meaningful Work

There is certainly a generational difference to how many Millennials approach work in general. While previous generations may have been more inclined to be motivated by the stability of a job and a high salary, Millennials grew up being told to follow their passion and that they could change the world. They thrive when feeling a sense of purpose in their work – attract them by marketing the value their role, and the company as a whole, adds to the community or its customer base. Their educational background was likely heavily based on group work, so allow them to collaborate and be true contributors.

Consistent Feedback

Unlike previous generations, Millennials came of age during a heightened period of technological advancement – the internet, social media, and handheld electronic devices were developed in their formative years before they entered the working world. They are used to immediate gratification, especially when it comes to seeking solutions and learning new knowledge via the ability to contact people or look up information within seconds. As a result, they often crave regular feedback at work. Get Millennials on board with your company by going beyond the annual review and prioritizing consistent feedback.

Work-Life Balance

Millennials are typically very comfortable with being accessible through a variety of electronic methods. Because of this, they generally don’t see the point in being forced to be in the office at a particular time if their work could be done from anywhere or at a time in which they can produce their best work. If you are able to offer telecommuting options, or at least some flexibility on scheduling, you’ll stick out in a positive manner against other employers.

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