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At Ethan Allen Workforce Solutions, we’ve got a team of industry experts and experienced staffing professionals connecting businesses with quality local talent. Our employee spotlights introduce you to the people behind our services and the work they do to ensure Hudson Valley businesses and job seekers get the help they need.

This week meet Paula Gribulis, Medical Division Manager at Ethan Allen.


Paula Gribulis

Tell us about what you do at Ethan Allen.

My role at Ethan Allen is Medical Division Manager. My team and I provide clinical professionals, scheduling, and medical compliance management to our clients throughout the Hudson Valley.


What do you find most interesting about working with the Ethan Allen team?

I have been with Ethan Allen Staffing for over 21 years and have had the opportunity to grow with the division. I’ve also had the pleasure throughout my years at EA to work with a great team of staffing specialists and support staff that helped us establish a diversified client base.

This past year has been a challenge with COVID-19 and we can’t thank our clinical field staff enough for caring and protecting our clients’ residents and patients. They are the true heroes of this pandemic, stepping up to work hours wherever they were needed. That service won’t be forgotten.


How does Ethan Allen support your career and personal goals?

My background is in medical recruitment, scheduling, and HR management. Ethan Allen gives me the opportunity to maintain and develop new relationships with many different medical professionals throughout the Hudson Valley. This helps me stay up to date on New York State Department of Health compliance and background requirements for the professionals we place.


What’s the number one quality you feel is important to achieving success in the staffing industry?

I feel that success in staffing is being available and approachable. Over time, you often cross paths with the same people and it’s always nice to remember a friendly voice or a name from the past.


What’s the biggest benefit to partnering with a staffing firm in a job search?

Why choose to work with a staffing firm? Because you get a dedicated team of professionals who care about assisting you with your next employment opportunity or helping with your staffing needs.


What’s your favorite thing to do in Poughkeepsie?

I enjoy spending time with my family and sitting by the Hudson River. It’s peaceful and I enjoy the beautiful views.


What else do you want to share about yourself?

I really enjoy my job at Ethan Allen. My favorite saying is “You don’t need TV” because working with people every day is interesting and always a learning experience.



Are you looking for your next medical job opportunity? Seeking staff for your organization? Paula and the Ethan Allen team are ready to help. Contact Ethan Allen today to get started!


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