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Job searching is generally filled with emotional highs and lows. This emotional roller coaster is perfectly illustrated when you pursue a job you’re excited about and seems to be a great fit, only to have another candidate chosen. Giving into feelings of misery or self doubt not only feels terrible, but it can prevent you from moving forward and being successful in your future attempts. Learn how to “fail forward” and bounce back after not getting the job.

Maintain Emotional Distance

Remind yourself that rejection is inevitably going to happen with any job search. No matter how intelligent, skilled, or experienced you are, there are a variety of factors that play into hiring managers’ decisions. The vast majority of candidates do not get every job for which they apply. The sooner you can come to terms with the idea of rejection being a part of the process, and not an indication of your self worth, the sooner you will be able to effectively put forth the effort to bounce back.

Change Your Mindset

The difference between people who move beyond not receiving an opportunity to end up with something even better, and those who let it hold them back, is a resilient mindset. When you face a setback in your job search, don’t focus on how negative it is. Instead, actively look at it as a challenge to overcome. Think of constructive solutions and keep a positive outlook by thinking about the possibilities that are still open to you, rather than the one door that was closed.

Ask for Feedback

A common and understandable reaction to not getting a job is to ruminate over all of the details to try to determine where it all went wrong. Reduce the trap of thinking through all of the “What if…” scenarios (i.e., “What if I had answered this interview question differently?”) by asking for feedback. Sometimes hiring managers will be willing to offer a helpful, constructive response. Even if not, ask for others’ feedback on your resume or even practice a mock interview and get an outside perspective. This empowers you to take control at a time when you may feel powerless.

Keep Trying

Don’t give up after a job rejection. Jobs often come about when you least expect it, so put the odds in your favor by searching consistently. Brainstorm small, actionable goals to give yourself something to commit to and help you stay motivated. Step away from your screen and network face-to-face with people – even casual socializing can result in job leads (if not, it may at least be uplifting).

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