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Attracting the most qualified job candidates starts with mastering one fundamental aspect of hiring: the job description. Pulling up an old template from the archives and changing a few details isn’t enough to get in-demand candidates to take the time and effort to apply. Increase the number of quality job candidates you get by utilizing these best practices for writing an effective job description.

Use the Right Keywords

The job description is no time to try to be clever with wording. Be direct and use the most common words and phrases for the position and duties. If you don’t use the keywords that candidates are most likely to search for, your posting is unlikely to ever be seen by them. When writing your job description, think like a candidate and use the type of words and phrases they would enter into a search engine.

Prioritize Requirements

In the quest to find top talent, you can inadvertently alienate them if the candidate requirements are overly rigid in the job description. Job descriptions aren’t meant to be wish lists – they should provide a clear and realistic definition of what qualifications are necessary to succeed in the role. Prioritize what qualifications are truly required instead of looking for a one-in-a-million candidate with a laundry list of “nice-to-have” qualifications.

Highlight Benefits

The overall duties and requirements for any job are likely to be similar or nearly identical across all comparative employers. If your job descriptions aren’t getting a response from candidates, it may be because you haven’t convinced them to work for your company above others. Include whatever is beneficial about your company that sets it apart from other places offering the same position. Examples include: flexible scheduling, opportunities for advancement, regular training and generous compensation packages.

Beyond the benefits, also include some details about your company culture to get candidates intrigued. The prospect of job satisfaction can be more of a selling point than high salary, so highlight your company’s values and the type of work environment.

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