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Hiring decisions can be one of the most difficult tasks for management. It is estimated that approximately 25 percent of new hires are gone within a year and almost 50 percent have left within a year and a half. If candidates seem to give good interviews but end up being bad hires, switching up the interview strategy may help hiring managers gain a better perspective for their hiring decisions. Consider implementing these five questions to help make better hires:

  1. What makes you want to work for this company?
    Candidates who demonstrate enthusiasm at the prospect of working for your company are likely to be a better long-term fit than someone who simply wants any job. Plus, it shows whether a candidate properly prepared for the interview by doing research.
  2. What factors motivate you to succeed?
    A candidate’s answer to this question gives insight to his or her preferred management styles, work environment, and other factors to which he or she best responds. Cultural fit is generally even more important for good hires than skill set. While an employee can be trained, conflicting attitudes and personality traits can be hard to overcome.
  3. How do you identify and address problems or challenges?
    Ideally, a new hire should bring with him or her a fresh perspective and be ready to contribute as soon as possible. Candidates should demonstrate how they would help improve company performance in a proactive yet tactful and respectful manner.
  4. How have you handled change and/or mistakes?
    How well candidates have persevered after setbacks in the workplace is a key indicator to how they will perform once hired. Look for specific examples from the past that show that a candidate is able to learn from his or her mistakes to become an even better employee going forward.
  5. What areas do you need to improve in, and what actions have you taken to address them?
    This is a variation of the standard “What is your weakness?” but it can show a candidate’s self-awareness and motivation for improvement. By expanding the question to focus on the aspect that you’re looking for, you cut straight to the chase and eliminate standard interviewee responses that don’t give you any useful information to gain a true overall picture of the candidate.


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