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Technology makes it easier than ever to find information in an instant from the palm of your hand. Long gone are the days of manually reviewing the classified ads in the newspaper or walking around looking for “Help Wanted” signs. Find a job in 2016 by establishing yourself on these three mobile sites.


Facebook is the world’s most utilized social media site, but it may not be immediately apparent on its uses outside of personal socializing. However, relationships are the foundation for job searching. A significant amount of jobs (estimated to be approximately 30 percent) are hired from employee referrals. Put yourself out there on Facebook and engage in conversations and strengthen your network connections. The more people you interact with, even on a casual level, the better the odds are of landing a job lead or having someone advocate on your behalf for an open position.  If you are looking for a job, look at the ads in your Facebook feed and don’t just mindlessly scroll past them.


LinkedIn is the professional’s social media site, as its main purpose is to take networking from in-person events and interactions and expand it to the virtual world. It is the go-to site for many hiring managers – all they have to do is type keywords for the position they’re trying to fill, and instantly they have a list of possible candidates. Ensure that you are active on LinkedIn if you want to find a job in 2016. In your profile’s experience section, include relevant keywords from job descriptions you’re interested in to make yourself visible to recruiters. Foster relationships with people in your industry through LinkedIn group discussions, and use their search engine to find job postings.

Online Job Boards

Online job boards are a rich source for finding available jobs for which to apply, but not all of them are equally effective. General job boards tend to be the most used by candidates, but often it sets you up for a significant amount of competition for a small pool of jobs. Plus, it can be time-consuming to filter through all of the listings and try to determine which ones aren’t scams. Branch off from the general boards and opt for quality over quantity. Look for smaller, industry-specific job boards, research companies and go directly to their careers pages. Review staffing firms’ job boards, which will have opportunities that are unlisted elsewhere.  If you apply with a staffing firm, they also will load your candidate profile into the system and match you with future job openings should you not land your initial choice.

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