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Staff-Line – Professional Employment HR Services

We help you get back to business.

Being an employer presents major obstacles and challenges which can keep you from focusing on business. Owners and key employees are distracted and overwhelmed by their need to manage human resource administration, attract and retain productive employees, offer competitive and affordable benefits, and ensure governmental compliance.

All this limits your ability to make your business grow. Fortunately, more and more entrepreneurs are discovering a solution, Professional Employment.

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Staff-Line integrates payroll, employee benefits, and HR administration into one business service. Staff-Line’s services benefit you by effectively managing human resources, controlling employment costs, and ensuring compliance with employment regulations.

Take advantage of the benefits of Staff-Line:

Gain Human Resource expertise. Staff-Line has the resources to help you improve employee productivity and comply with the multitude of burdensome labor laws. We keep you up-to-date with complex and changing governmental requirements.

Reduce your employer liability. By assisting you in maintaining a safe workplace and in complying with state and federal labor laws, Staff-Line reduces your exposure to employment related risk.

Reduce HR related costs. Staff-Line saves you money by lowering your internal administration costs and allows you to take advantage of large group buying power. Workers’ compensation and unemployment costs are also reduced through professional claims management.

Improve employee benefits. With Staff-Line you can provide Fortune 500 quality employee benefits. A competitive benefit package will help you attract and retain high quality personnel.

Save you time! Staff-Line handles time-consuming payroll, employee benefit, and HR administration which simplifies your business and enables valuable personnel to spend more time on income producing activities.

HR Services:

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