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Hiring employees with the skills your organization needs doesn’t mean you can be completely hands-off (even for technical specialties outside of your expertise). In order for your employees’ full potential to be realized, you must guide them and help them develop their strengths and improve their weaknesses. Set your employees up for success with these important steps.

Talk to Them About Their Definition of Success

The more you know about your employees’ professional goals, the more you will be able to work with them to help with their professional development. Sit down with your employees and discuss what they want to do in their jobs, their professional passions and long-term goals. Then you can give feedback and help nurture their own personal definition of success.

Let Them Take Ownership

In order for your employees to hone their professional skills, they must be given chances to put them into practice. Allow them the chance to take on projects on their own and be accountable for the results. Taking a step back and not micromanaging helps your employees become more engaged in the outcome because they feel a sense of pride and ownership. They may also gain confidence by seeing what they can really accomplish.

Support Them After Mistakes

There is always the risk of mistakes during the professional growth process. Being a good manager doesn’t mean your employees perform flawlessly – it means you help them bounce back from failures and become better employees for it. When an employee drops the ball, handle it with a solution-based approach. Discuss what happened, why and what changes the employee can make so it doesn’t happen again. Guide them through the aftermath and you’ll be rewarded with a stronger worker better able to face challenges.

Provide Chances to Grow

If you’re doing your job at motivating and setting your employees up for success, they’ll have drive that makes them unlikely to be complacent. If you stick them with the same work, they’ll likely get fed up and leave or stay and feel disengaged and less likely to go above and beyond. Provide them chances for professional advancement, whether through actual promotions or additional training to gain new skills, and you will reap the benefits through their increased loyalty and performance.

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