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At Ethan Allen Workforce Solutions, we make it our business to help people at all points in their respective career journeys—even those who are just beginning.

We are pleased to announce the recipient of our annual $5,000 scholarship: Lillian Levesque, a Hudson Valley high school student who will be pursuing a nursing degree from Le Moyne College in the fall. In fact, she’s enrolled in an accelerated program that will result in a bachelor’s degree in just three years. As you can see, Lillian’s unstoppable work ethic and dedication to helping others make her an ideal candidate for this award.

We recently sat down with Lillian for an interview. Keep reading to learn why she has more than earned her place as the 2023-2024 scholarship winner.


Ethan Allen’s Interview with Lillian

What made you choose LeMoyne College?

Many factors contributed to choosing Le Moyne, but the main factor was the programs they offered for my major. Many colleges don’t have fast track programs for nursing students and require four years of schooling. The schedules are often set and have little to no flexibility. I had many college credits from high school that I wanted to transfer, which in turn would help me shave off time and earn my degree faster. Also, the beautiful campus and small size of the school made Le Moyne an easy choice for me.

What drew you to nursing?

The thing that drew me to nursing is the diversity of career options. There are so many different paths that you can take—so many different environments you could choose to work in—that you are almost guaranteed to find one that is right for you. Jobs are plentiful and can be attained almost immediately after completion of your degree. Being able to get a job in your field after college is very important and not something that all college grads are lucky enough to do. I also have just always been a natural caretaker and find joy in helping those who need it.

Do you plan on pursuing an internship of any kind? If so, what do you hope to accomplish?

Internships for nursing students are usually done through clinicals. My clinicals begin during my second semester at Le Moyne, where I will shadow a registered nurse during a hospital shift. I plan to gain knowledge and experience in hospitals as well as discover what specific field I want to pursue.

Outside of school, what do you enjoy doing with your time?

I enjoy playing sports like soccer and doing gymnastics. I have amazing friends and family that I spend lots of time with. I love going to the beach in the summer, discovering new things to do in my area, and going out for sushi and ice cream.

How will Ethan Allen’s scholarship support you?

I plan to use this scholarship toward my tuition and basic needs like books, supplies, and meals while attending school. My parents will have two kids in college, and I will have to take out some loans to cover my tuition. This scholarship money will mean fewer loans that I have to pay back after college. This may mean that I have more opportunities after I graduate to put money toward a car or apartment instead of loan payments.

What is your dream job? And what do you hope to gain from pursuing this career?

My dream job would be a pediatric nurse. I hope to gain fulfillment through my passion for providing care as a nurse.

Why do you think it’s important for companies like Ethan Allen to invest in Hudson Valley’s next generation of young professionals?

I think it provides an additional layer of support. It may give students an opportunity they otherwise would not have had. To know that there is a company out there that values what you want to do so much that they will provide financial assistance is very encouraging, and it makes me feel like someone has my back. It is important for companies to invest in the next generation of young professionals because they are going to become the next workforce. Some people may even choose to settle down and work in the same community as the companies that invested in them.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

It is hard to think ten years ahead, but I see myself being happy—with a starter home and two cats. I hope to have paid off all my student loans and to be working full time at a nursing job. I am not sure exactly where, as I think it will depend on other aspects of my life at that time. If I get my dream job, I will be working as a pediatric nurse.

Congratulations, Lillian!

With her drive and compassion, it’s no wonder why Ethan Allen is so proud to support Lillian as she embarks on her nursing education and career. We are confident that the best is still ahead for her, and we can’t wait to see the lasting, positive impact she will make on patients in the years to come.