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The hiring process should ideally be a two-way street, with both candidates and employers alike treating one another with respect and trying to present their most positive attributes. Employers who don’t consider the candidate experience put themselves at risk of losing out on attracting top talent. Create the best first impression with job candidates using these three tips.

Manage Online Branding

Candidates who take their job search seriously are generally going to perform online research about companies before they apply. If your job postings, company website, social media channels, or other online channels are not updated, accurate or compelling, your company could end up out of the running for top candidates – or at least make them question it. Be strategic with your online branding. Showcase your company’s achievements, culture, and why it’s a great place to work in order to make candidates excited about applying.

Be Transparent About the Process

When candidates apply to work at your company, it requires them to devote effort and time, and gets their excitement up, especially the further they advance into the hiring process. It can reflect poorly on your company if you aren’t communicative about the hiring process, including how long each step will take and your final decision, and end up leaving candidates hanging.  Provide estimated timelines to candidates, and reach out to update them if they change.

Show Respect During Interactions

Aim to be as professional and pleasant as possible with job candidates. While it’s true they should be trying to impress you, it can make your company look bad if it appears it’s taken for granted and not reciprocated. Common examples of disrespect toward candidates include: Not acknowledging applications (even an autoresponder will suffice), requesting interviews with little notice, starting their interviews late with no apologies, being ill prepared for the interview, and perhaps the worst, not letting candidates know they weren’t chosen. Even if your company is unlikely to interact with these candidates again, word-of-mouth or negative social media mentions can damage your brand in the eyes of future prospects.

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