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Ethan Allen Recruitment – Placement/Search Services

When you are seeking top talent.

Ethan Allen Recruitment provides professional placement and executive search services.  Ethan Allen Recruitment has been a leading permanent placement company in the Hudson Valley since 1969. We recruit, screen, reference, and present ONLY qualified candidates and most importantly, qualified candidates interested in your opening and your company.

Ethan Allen Recruitment is nationally recognized, our extensive regional and national contacts ensure the right candidate for your professional opening.  If you’re looking to fill critical positions, Ethan Allen Recruitment is your best resource in the Hudson Valley, and even beyond.

Long-term Relationships

Our client list is lengthy, diversified and includes companies we have partnered with for over 40 years. We understand the unique characteristics that make a company tick. Our track record shows that this working knowledge of companies and their specific traits enhances our placement success.

Community Involvement

Our extensive network within the Hudson Valley business community provides us visibility and access. In addition to our staff providing leadership roles in industry related organizations, we actively support local philanthropic groups. This community involvement, combined with aggressive recruiting and advertising continues to expand our network. We’ll find the talent you need, when you need it.

We work on a Contingency basis.

There is no cost to your firm until our referral becomes your employee. We have an investment in your search.

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